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October 23, 2013


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Written by: jay

At RealGuitarClass we hear a lot of the same questions again and again. Rather than writing a written FAQ we thought we’d answer these questions to you face to face – guitar teacher style. They’re not super long so you should be able to get through most of them pretty quick. Good luck!

1. What are barre chords?

2. Tips for buying a new guitar

3. When/why to change strings?

4. How do I change chords faster?

5. Should I learn chords or scales first?

6. What are the first chords I should learn?

7. Why do my fingers hurt?

8. Where to look when changing chords?

9. What is vibrato?

10. How do I hold the guitar?

11. What is the best way to hold a guitar pick?

12. Should I learn notation of TAB?

13. How much should I practice?

14. Tips for singing and playing at the same time



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