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How To Improve Your Confidence and Co-ordination on Guitar pt.1

Improve Your Co-ordination How do you improve your co-ordination on the guitar? How do you get both your left and right hands to work together as a team? Here’s a group of exercises that will definitely help to improve yo...
by maiki


Should I buy a Nylon or a Steel String Guitar?

    Should I buy a nylon string or a steel string guitar? It depends on what experience you’ve got with guitars already, but mainly what kind of sound you want and what style of music you want to play.   &n...
by jay


What type of acoustic guitar should I get?

Acoustic guitars sub divide into: (1) Nylon: Classical, Spanish Flamenco (2) Steel strings: 6 strings, 12 strings Acoustic guitars usually don’t need to be amplified by an external source, although a lot of acoustic guita...
by maiki



What Kind of Electric Guitar is Right for You?

What Kind of Electric Guitar is Right for You? There are many different types of electric guitars. Where do you start and what do they do? Electric guitars need an amplifier. Generally speaking electric guitars use two differen...
by maiki