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Busking money

Get paid to stay in shape

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitar player, you still want and need to spend quality time with your guitar on a regular basis. The guitar is like a friend you need to spend regular time with or you will...
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Common chord progressions using scale chords

Here are some common chord progressions using scale chords, a lot of popular songs use progressions such as these or similar versions. You can practice them to help you get a sense of chordal movements, they can also help to in...
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Blues Guitar

Simple 12 bar Blues progressions in the key of E

If you havn’t heard of the 12 bar blues then chances are you need to have a bit more of a read up on music theory and music history. No, it’s not just for people studying music degrees, but basic music history and t...
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Guitar Chords

Simple chord progressions based on the three-chord theory

Simple chord progressions based on the three-chord theory. In the table below is an example of some I-IV-V chord progressions that are commonly used.   Key I IV V I C C F G7 C C7 F G7 C A A D E7 A Am Dm E7 Am Am Dm E7 Am G...
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At RealGuitarClass we hear a lot of the same questions again and again. Rather than writing a written FAQ we thought we’d answer these questions to you face to face – guitar teacher style. They’re not super lo...
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Guitar Close up being played

How to Play Guitar With Less Effort

How to Play Guitar With Less Effort Playing the guitar is a physical activity with real challenges, if you’re a beginner, you know how hard it can feel to press those strings down hard and well enough to make them ring wh...
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How to Improve your Confidence and Co-ordination on the Guitar Part 3

How to Improve your Confidence and Co-ordination on the Guitar Part 3   In Part 3 of this series we will look at exercises that help to improve your movement up and down the neck of the guitar, diagonally, and improve your...
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Shooting a music video

How to make a music video

So you’ve got the album or single ready. The mastering is done, and you’re ready for release, but you realize something. The fight is not even over yet. Take a deep breath and get ready to jump back into the fray &#...
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How To Improve Your Confidence and Co-ordination on Guitar pt.2

How To Improve Your Confidence and Co-ordination on Guitar pt.2 In part 1 of this subject we looked at the basic way to start your co-ordination exercises, improved co-ordination means increased speed and dexterity on the guita...
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How To Improve Your Confidence and Co-ordination on Guitar pt.1

Improve Your Co-ordination How do you improve your co-ordination on the guitar? How do you get both your left and right hands to work together as a team? Here’s a group of exercises that will definitely help to improve yo...
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How do you give your guitar playing a more psychedelic edge?

How do you give your guitar playing a more psychedelic edge? Have you ever wondered about how you could give your playing a psychedelic edge? The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines the term psychedelic...
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How to tune a Guitar

Tuning a guitar can be done in many ways. You can use tuning pipes, an electric tuner, or another instrument such as a piano or a keyboard as a reference. If you’re just playing by yourself, however, the guitar doesn̵...
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Should I buy a Nylon or a Steel String Guitar?

    Should I buy a nylon string or a steel string guitar? It depends on what experience you’ve got with guitars already, but mainly what kind of sound you want and what style of music you want to play.   &n...
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Learn Hotel California

    Hotel California is a classic song by The Eagles and has been covered by millions of guitarists and fans. We’ve put together a special video playthrough and lesson including all the chords you will need to p...
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When should you use a pick and why should you use a pick?

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How should I strum the guitar?

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Wonderwall Chords – Oasis

Wonderwall Guitar Chords   F#min A Bmin D Abmin F#min Wonderwall Lyrics Today is gonna be the day That they’re gonna throw it back to you By now you should’ve somehow Realized what you gotta do I don’t be...
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RealGuitarClass Youtube Lessons are coming soon!

Watch this space as we begin teaching you classic songs, styles, and style. We want to see you play the guitar with class!   Newborn Baby Girls Boy's Blanket Swaddle Print Sleeping Sleep Sack Stroller Wrap (0-12M, Whi...
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