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Getting your music on iTunes

How to get your music on iTunes

A look into the past for perspective Traditionally, music was recorded by a commercial recording company and the marketing, printing, and distribution of the music was all handled by the record label. While this still happens, ...
by jay


How do you give your guitar playing a more psychedelic edge?

How do you give your guitar playing a more psychedelic edge? Have you ever wondered about how you could give your playing a psychedelic edge? The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines the term psychedelic...
by maiki


Your mic preamp is as important as your microphone!

What a lot of people don’t realise when they spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a microphone is that the microphone is only part of the signal chain. Sure, a good mic on a bad pre-amp is going to sound good, b...
by jay



How do I use an audio mixer? (Mixing Console Basics)

Looking at all those dials can be awfully daunting. And maybe it should be? If you don’t know what you’re doing on a console you can very quickly make yourself look like an idiot and lose the respect of your fellow ...
by jay


What should come first in a mix?

Mixing is very much a subjective thing. Nobody can really tell you in what order you should do things, although, if you’re finding yourself wanting to try something new, or prefer a rationalised and precise method over a ...
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The Sound of Silence

Have you ever listened to a mix and wondered just how they get so many elements to sound so clear? Well unfortunately for the average layperson there is a lot to learn. Mixing is truly a synergy of art and science, and the best...
by jay

insane kit

How to get a killer drum sound if you don’t have a drummer

It can be so hard to find a good drummer these days when you want it, and when you’re recording the demos for your solo album, what if you can’t find a drummer or can’t afford a decent studio to record them in...
by jay



Which DAW should I use?

It’s no secret that just about any serious recording these days means using a DAW. For the un-initiated, DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation and quite simply means a program for recording on your computer. Sure, the ...
by jay


What can a classical orchestra teach you about getting that “BIG” guitar sound on your album?

You know that track you love with the “big” guitar sound on it that always makes you go “Wow!”… How exactly do they do that? Most guitarists know how to pull a big sound live, or in rehearsal, but ...
by jay