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One simple tip guaranteed to make you the guitarist you want to be

There has been something playing on my mind for some time now. It came to me while jogging, when many good ideas can slip into your conciousness. It was a simple way to steer yourself towards being the person you want to be. W...
by jay


Financial stability equals agile strategy

One of the problems us musicians face with is the downside of our lifestyle choice and creative brain. It’s been shown that creative people are more likely to have a messy environment, and chaos breeds chaos. With a messy...
by jay


Know your customer to know success

I’m hoping that this won’t bring some of you back to your old boss, whether it be at a fast food restaurant or a music retail store, but I’ve got to say – this is one of the most important pieces of know...
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Feel the power of outsourcing

In a recent article about being more like a North Korean dictator I professed the quality of doing everything yourselves and robbing the world of having a chance to hone their skills. Now is my time to contradict myself, but I ...
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Be like North Korea to build your business empire

North Korea has been getting some pretty bad press lately. 1 million man army, autocratic rulers, nuclear weapons… The list goes on… But every cloud has a silver lining, they say, and this case is no different. No w...
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Getting your music on iTunes

How to get your music on iTunes

A look into the past for perspective Traditionally, music was recorded by a commercial recording company and the marketing, printing, and distribution of the music was all handled by the record label. While this still happens, ...
by jay


5 surefire ways to stop yourself from losing data

There’s an old saying from Benjamin Franklin that goes “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”. This is very true, but since Franklin wrote these words in his letter to Jean ...
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Shooting a music video

How to make a music video

So you’ve got the album or single ready. The mastering is done, and you’re ready for release, but you realize something. The fight is not even over yet. Take a deep breath and get ready to jump back into the fray &#...
by jay


Free is the new Black

In a seminar I attended recently, session drummer, producer, and record label founder Martin Atkins talked about how “Free is the new Black”. This is something a lot of people have been thinking for a long time, but...
by jay


5 reasons why DJ’s are better than your band (and how to fight back)

It’s no secret that it’s getting harder to get gigs for guitarists and bands. Sure, there’s a great indie scene in most major cities, but all the major label has dried up. There’s a new breed in town. Fi...
by jay



Improve Your Expressive Playing

Improve your expressive playing. What is expressive playing? Here’s what it’s not, strict metronomic playing. The vast majority of modern guitarists focus so much on speed that they neglect what would really be a mo...
by maiki


Is the the loudness war destroying your music?

For the un-initiated – the loudness war is simply the over-compression of music during the mastering stage of the music making process. If you listen to music from each decade and come forward in time, without changing ...
by jay



Boosting Your Solos

Boosting Your Solos Have you ever played in bands where when it came time for you to launch into that awesome solo of yours, nobody could hear it, not even you? How do you get around this? How do you ensure that your solos get ...
by maiki

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What is the nature of YOUR business?

As a professional you are going to no doubt be charging money for your services. There are a number of different ways you can charge for your products, time, or services each with their own advantages and disadvantages. One of ...
by jay


Franklin Kite

How to unleash your creative lightning when you need it

As a professional you are going to find yourself having to reliably produce creative material. While this is a dream job for many, a lot of people don’t consider what this actually entails. For most musicians and other c...
by jay


Keeping your guitar safe on the road

Going on tour can be one of the best experiences of your life, but there’s a lot to think about. Firstly, you’ve got to manage all of your logistics, where to stay, what to eat, and who to talk to to get paid, but i...
by jay