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January 15, 2014

Get paid to stay in shape

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Written by: maiki
Busking money

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitar player, you still want and need to spend quality time with your guitar on a regular basis. The guitar is like a friend you need to spend regular time with or you will quickly start to turn into strangers, something you want to avoid. Even if you spend only one hour a day on the guitar, working on a new chord, or trying out different possible chord combinations, doing co-ordination exercises, practicing scales, learning a new song, a new phrase, and different patterns. Whatever you choose to work on, focus on it for that hour, for that week, or more, if necessary.

“Keeping your chops up” is an important saying in guitar playing circles. It means to “Stay in shape” in your playing. Musicians’ fingers develop muscle memory through repetitious practicing and playing of their instruments.

“I spent a lot of time teaching myself theory and harmony so I could be free to express myself on the instrument. I learned what relatives and substitutes could be played against a root of a chord, like E minor related to G, and so forth. I’ve also gathered all this knowledge because for ten years all I’ve done is play Jazz, every day.” George Benson

“Learning to play the guitar is a combination of mental and motor skill acquisition…and to develop motor skills, repetition is essential…Whenever musicians have trouble executing a passage, they generally tend to blame themselves for not having enough talent. Actually, all that’s wrong is they don’t know where their fingers are supposed to go…You should learn the piece in your head before you play it..and when you do play it, play it so slow that there’s no possibility of making a mistake.” Howard Roberts

As you get better and improve to the point where you can perform songs well, keep learning till you have enough material to do a little performance, then go to a place that’s quite safe with a good number of people sitting around or walking past, and start performing the songs you have practiced, it’s one of the best ways to stay in practice and you can even get paid in tips by people who appreciate the beautiful music you are providing, some places require a permit, be mindful of this.

Basking is a form of troubadour culture, the wandering minstrel tradition that has been practiced right through the centuries.

Basking helps you stay in practice, perform in public, and can pay you as well. It almost becomes a case of getting paid to practice as you fine tune your chops, perhaps you want to brush up your act for the stage.

Basking helps to cure stage fright. A large majority of musicians are terrified of playing on the stage in front of people, they suffer from ‘stage fright’, however, basking on a regular basis can help to cure this, in fact it’s probably the best and only way to cure this phobia. It can also help to pay for new strings and even new guitars.

Basking keeps you sharp and can act as a gateway to playing on stage because of the confidence it builds in you to play in front of an audience.


Once you have the chops and confidence to play in front of people on a regular basis, whether you’ll be playing at your school recital or playing in front of a crowd in a stadium, you’ll be covered.


“What interested me about Chuck Berry was the way he could step out of the rhythm part with such ease, throwing in a nice simple riff, and then drop straight back into the feel of it again. We used to play a lot more more rhythm stuff. We’d do away with the differences between lead and rhythm guitar. You can’t go into a shop and ask for a “lead guitar”. You’re a guitar player, and you play a guitar.” Keith Richards

“You shouldn’t hear the guitar by itself, It should be part of the drums so it sounds like the drummer is playing chords – like the snare is in A or the hi-hat in D minor. You only notice the guitar when it’s not there.” Freddie Green










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