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July 24, 2014

How to learn guitar in a busy world

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Written by: maiki

How do you keep up your guitar playing in a busy world, a world full of more and more distractions, a world full of social media, YouTube, facebook, and the latest apps. It seems like the best way to remove all these distractions and focus on your guitar playing would be to shut yourself away in a log cabin with no internet connection or social media of any kind so that you can focus on practicing your guitar properly. A world devoid of overwhelming interruptions. For some people, this is possible, but for the vast majority, this is downright impossible. If your desire is to be the best guitarist you can possibly be, then it’s going to require some serious focus from you.

Have the guitar with you.

One of my favourite words of advice is from the great Blues guitarist, Buddy Guy:
“Every chance you get, you put that guitar in your hands and you play with it”

This means, the more time you spend playing with the guitar, the higher your chances are of improving.

The question is, how do you achieve this in a world full of distractions? For those who are able to set aside quality time with their guitar and keep this routine up on a consistent basis, more power to you on your commitment. For those lesser mortals, there is still a way, but it will still require a certain level of commitment from you.

What to do.

Whenever you’re on social media like facebook or even when watching a documentary on YouTube sitting in front of the computer, have your guitar on your lap with the strap around your shoulders. When you’re not typing anything on the computer, use that moment in between to play something on your guitar, it could be a tune that you’re working on, or a scale that you want to master, a chord that you want to master, a chord progression, or anything that moves your playing forward in anyway at all, do it.

If you’re playing computer games, have your guitar sitting on a stand right next to you so that during any break, you can easily reach out, grab your guitar and play. This way, not only are you able to satisfy your desire to be on social media or playing computer games, you’re still putting in a bit of time for your guitar. This done on a regular basis will still move your guitar playing forward.

Make your time on the computer work for your guitar playing, a little bit is always better than none. If you spend three hours in front of your computer and you devote at least a quarter of that to playing your guitar in between, that’s forty-five minutes you’ve spent playing your guitar. The thing is to make it a habit, in other words, your time spent in front of your computer must always be associated with having the guitar either on your lap or on a stand right next to you, and every chance you get, you play the guitar.

This way, the guitar becomes a real part of your life, not some neglected stranger sitting in a corner far away from you, gathering dust. Worse still, in its case, out of sight, and out of mind. Have your guitar next to you as often as possible. Look for any excuse or opportunity to have your guitar as close to you as possible and you will become very intimate with your guitar. Before you know it, you will be playing away like you never dreamed of.

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