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April 15, 2013

How To Improve Your Confidence and Co-ordination on Guitar pt.1

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Written by: maiki

Improve Your Co-ordination

How do you improve your co-ordination on the guitar? How do you get both your left and right hands to work together as a team?

Here’s a group of exercises that will definitely help to improve your co-ordination and your alternate picking. The great thing about these exercises is that they help to improve your guitar playing whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced guitarist. Whether you’re playing an electric or an acoustic guitar.

It’s important to do these exercises everyday especially if you’re a beginner, as this will dramatically improve your playing and confidence on the guitar quite quickly.

Exercise 1:

Start on the first four frets of the sixth string. Place your index finger on the first fret and pluck it with a downstroke on your plectrum, next place your tall finger on the second fret and pluck with an upstroke, followed by placing your ring finger on the third fret and picking with a downstroke, then place your little finger on the fourth fret and pick with an upstroke.

Repeat these for the fifth string, then the fourth, then third, second, and then the first string.

Right hand doing downstroke, upstroke, down, up, down, up, etc. You’re fixing up your Alternate picking, very important.

Slide your left hand up one fret and start again, but this time on the first string, and continue the exercise, pointer finger downstroke on second fret, tall finger upstroke third fret, ring finger downstroke fourth fret, little finger upstroke fifth fret.

Then move onto the second string, then third, and so on till the sixth string. Slide your hand onto the third fret on the sixth string and continue the exercise starting with the index finger on third fret, going through all the strings in that fret group.

Continue with this all the way up the neck till your little finger is fretting the last fret near the body of the guitar.

Then repeat the exercise going back down the neck all the way, going through all the frets along the neck, returning to the index finger moving on the first fret and the sixth string.

Rest for a while, then do the whole exercise again, but this time starting with the little finger on the fourth fret, followed by ring finger on third fret, tall finger on second fret, index on first. Picking down, up, down, up, etc.

Go through all the strings on the first four frets, then move your hand up one fret, starting again with little finger on the fifth fret, etc. Go all the way up the neck and back down again.

Remember to do the exercises slowly especially if you’re a beginner, if you feel any discomfort in your left hand, stop and take a break, then continue with the exercises.

The next day do these exercises again, but this time start with an upstroke on your right hand, followed by a downstroke, ie up, down, up, down, etc.

Always do them slowly and accurately.

Once you’re done with this four fingers per string group, do three fingers per string, eg. index, tall, & ring all the way up and down the neck; later followed by tall, ring, pinky, etc. Then do two fingers per string, eg. index and tall, followed afterwards by ring and pinky; then believe it or not, one finger per string.

On day one, start all your exercises with a downstroke, on day two, start all your exercises with an upstroke. Day three, start with a downstroke. Day four, start with an upstroke etc.

These exercises are for the plectrum style which is the most common in Rock Guitar playing.

If you’re into finger picking, then substitute downstroke and upstroke on your right hand with index, tall, index, tall, etc.

Remember to always strive for evenness of rhythm and tempo and learn to be smooth and clean in your playing.

Doing these exercises consistently on a daily basis will improve your co-ordination and speed dramatically.













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