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July 10, 2014

One simple tip guaranteed to make you the guitarist you want to be

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Written by: jay

There has been something playing on my mind for some time now. It came to me while jogging, when many good ideas can slip into your conciousness. It was a simple way to steer yourself towards being the person you want to be. Whether it be a politician, a scholar, a film maker, or a rock-star. If you follow this, then your chances of getting to your goal increase significantly. So what is it?

Most of us have a pretty good idea of where we want to be. We have a vision of what kind of person we would like to end up as, and what kind of skills we would require to get there and most of us are also some of the way through that journey of getting there. We’re skilling up, being the best we can be, but all of us drift from time to time and lose focus. Sometimes the winds change and with them temporarily our goals and identity before returning after some time to what they once were. So how can we keep focus, how can we feed our sub-conscious motivation to keep us on track to where we ultimately want to end up. How can we stay on track?

Okay I’ll stop torturing you with suspense. It’s simple. If you surround yourself with people who are closer to each specific part of your goal then you will move closer to that goal. For example – if you want to be fit and have 6 pack abs, get yourself to the gym. Just the act of simply being there, being a peer of other fit people, making friends who are into fitness and share tips with each other and talk about it, your chances of getting fit for the stage will be massively improved. If you want to be a better singer, join a choir or make friends at open mic nights and keep in touch with them. Your singing will improve as your leisure turns into a powerful social proof and learning experience.

This concept doesn’t just apply to ‘real-world’ experiences. Rather than just joining a forum and ‘lurking’ as they call it to find out about a subject, be it synthesis or building your own guitars, sign up, introduce yourself, and participate regularly. People make great friends on forums, and the boost you get in confidence from answering people’s questions will drive your motivation to a whole new level. No-longer are you the newbie, but on your way up to the top.

You will also find that perhaps your work life will change for the better too and your experience will go into overdrive. For example, what if deep down you wanted to be comfortable on stage and know that you’ve hardly been on one. You want to know how a festival is run so you start volunteering to work on the stage at underground or local events. You soon find that you’re actually a capable stage hand and you learn all the industry slang and what not to do the hard way. Before long you’ve made some great contacts and feeling confident standing on stage, and plus you get to watch some experienced guitarists do their thing up close, not to mention getting the chance to chat to them back-stage. Suddenly you are part of the industry, not just a music consumer, which is an important distinction you didn’t realise you needed to make until you did it. Before long one of your new friends introduces you to a production company that runs big festivals and you get offered some work. You drop your mindless hospitality work, in a bar you don’t care about, and suddenly your whole week is filled with music events. Now you are living and breathing what you love, and while you’re not quite doing it yet, you’re right there and watching the best of the best do their thing, as well as getting some tips from them. As the head of your weekend ‘hobby’ band you are transforming from amateur to pro. After a few short years you have the confidence and skill to not only run your own events but blow both the punters and newbie stage-hands away with your confidence and technical ability both on and off the stage. This never would have happened if you didn’t identify your fear of being on stage and start gravitating towards it. Rome, it turns out, was not built in a day.

The above example is only one of many which may improve your life for the better. Don’t just consider the time you spend actually working on your skills as the time that counts. Your social time, work time, sub-conscious, and the social proof you are subjected to play huge roles in getting to where you want to be. Do you want to do better in high school? Join a study group. Do you want to be a graphic designer? Find a friend or two who are better than you at it and hang out with them and ask them for some tips. The sky is the limit with this one, and while it requires only one simple action to get started, the benefits you will reap for the rest of your life.

Go do it – surround yourself with people who have the skills you want and become one of them before you know it.


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