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How to learn guitar in a busy world

Posted  July 24, 2014  by  maiki

How do you keep up your guitar playing in a busy world, a world full of more and more distractions, a world full of social media, YouTube, facebook, and the latest apps. It seems like the best way to remove all these distractions and focus on your guitar playing would be to shut yourself away […]

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One simple tip guaranteed to make you the guitarist you want to be

Posted  July 10, 2014  by  jay

There has been something playing on my mind for some time now. It came to me while jogging, when many good ideas can slip into your conciousness. It was a simple way to steer yourself towards being the person you want to be. Whether it be a politician, a scholar, a film maker, or a rock-star. […]

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Be like North Korea to build your business empire

Posted  December 9, 2013  by  jay

North Korea has been getting some pretty bad press lately. 1 million man army, autocratic rulers, nuclear weapons… The list goes on… But every cloud has a silver lining, they say, and this case is no different. No we’re not talking about oppressing your bass guitarist and locking your drummer in a behind a minefield […]

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Blues Guitar

Simple 12 bar Blues progressions in the key of E

Posted  December 3, 2013  by  maiki

If you havn’t heard of the 12 bar blues then chances are you need to have a bit more of a read up on music theory and music history. No, it’s not just for people studying music degrees, but basic music history and theory will turbo-charge your understanding of why music is the way it […]

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Posted  October 23, 2013  by  jay

At RealGuitarClass we hear a lot of the same questions again and again. Rather than writing a written FAQ we thought we’d answer these questions to you face to face – guitar teacher style. They’re not super long so you should be able to get through most of them pretty quick. Good luck! 1. What […]

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Learn Blues Guitar



How To Improve Your Confidence and Co-ordination on Guitar pt.1

Improve Your Co-ordination How do you improve your co-ordination on the guitar? How do you get both your left and right hands to work together as a team? Here’s a group of exercises that will definitely help to improve yo...
by maiki


How do you give your guitar playing a more psychedelic edge?

How do you give your guitar playing a more psychedelic edge? Have you ever wondered about how you could give your playing a psychedelic edge? The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines the term psychedelic...
by maiki


How to tune a Guitar

Tuning a guitar can be done in many ways. You can use tuning pipes, an electric tuner, or another instrument such as a piano or a keyboard as a reference. If you’re just playing by yourself, however, the guitar doesn̵...
by jay



Should I buy a Nylon or a Steel String Guitar?

    Should I buy a nylon string or a steel string guitar? It depends on what experience you’ve got with guitars already, but mainly what kind of sound you want and what style of music you want to play.   &n...
by jay


Learn Hotel California

    Hotel California is a classic song by The Eagles and has been covered by millions of guitarists and fans. We’ve put together a special video playthrough and lesson including all the chords you will need to p...
by jay



When should you use a pick and why should you use a pick?

    Guitar Hanger – Laser cut & engraved guitar hanger – New on Amazon – Great for all Guitars! Solid maple or walnut wood and a beautiful engraved design! Made in USA ZZ – Vision – W...
by jay


Change Moods with Modes

Change moods with modes. Introducing Modes into your playing. Do you ever feel that your playing is stuck in a rut? Everything you play seems to sound the same? Enter the mysterious world of modes and take your playing into a d...
by maiki


Building your own Great Wall

When standing on a monument such as the great wall, it’s hard not to be engulfed by the sheer magnitude of it. Much can be the same looking at people’s careers be it guitarists, record producers, or even guitar tech...
by jay