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March 24, 2014

Use music to get important things done

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Written by: jay

Music is a powerful tool. If it weren’t for music, you wouldn’t be playing guitar. Music is so powerful, in fact, that it can distract us to the point that we let things go which perhaps we shouldn’t. Of course you’ll like to play it off as though it doesn’t matter, but you know how the story goes. You focus on your project, learn another song, buy a new guitar. Your fitness suffers a touch, you eat Mi Goreng for another meal, and you let your house get cluttered and need a vaccuum more than the NASA space research facility. I know this because we all do it. Musicians are a notorious bunch for chaos. But is there a way to turn it around?

Whether you’re an amateur who is learning guitar or you’re a pro who’s working on your album, chances are you’re going to need to get some inspiration from here or there, do some research into whats happening in the market, learn new lyrics to some songs, or even just enjoy some good ol’ fashioned tunes (after all – who doesn’t like to!) you can use music to get you through those things that perhaps you’ve been putting off.

Never has there been a better place for music than a gym, or a running track. Get some nice headphones and put on something that inspires you and get yourself fit. After all – playing on a stage requires you to be fit and healthy. The fans like to see it too. Oh, and then of course there’s all that hauling of gear…

What about cleaning the house. Get funky and dance around singing in your underwear like Tom Cruise. Okay, don’t. I don’t mind. But those cleaning chores can become mighty not-all-that-bad when you’re inspired and exploring a new album you’ve been waiting for.

How about studying? Some people like to study in the quiet, but many like to listen to some tunes. Or cooking dinner – if you chose to make something than takes longer than 2 minutes that is.

All in all, use the power of music to get you through these small hurdles, rather than create them. Otherwise, do what I do, let it create them and then erase them too. Plus, when you’re on top of your issues you’re FAR more productive.


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